We are Ihobe, the Public Environmental Management Agency reporting to the Department for Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment of the Basque Government.
Our goal is to improve the environment by integrating environmental criteria in Basque public policy to create sustainable value added for our country and its organisations.
‘The Basque Green Deal: integrating the environment into sectoral policies’
Arantxa Tapia Otaegi
Minister for Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment of the Basque Government and President of Ihobe, the Public Environmental Management Agency .
‘We are taking steps to improve our environment’
Alexander Boto Bastegieta

General Director of Ihobe,
Public Environmental Management Agency, Basque Government.

Our routemap

Gobierno Vasco

Ihobe in action

Results 2021

+ 0
businesses and organisations mobilised for the circular economy and tackling climate change
projects by public bodies

supported by the funding programme for Local Climate Eco-innovation


funded through the Circular Eco-innovation call for applications 2021


confirmed in the first call for funding applications for the Basque Circular SME programme


in the process of designing and implementing the Local Agenda 2030

million euros
allocated to sectoral integration of environmental policy

The Ihobe multiplier effect in the private sector has been €6:
for each euro allocated, €6 have been mobilised for environmental investment.

Effects induced
by Ihobe’s work in 2021:

tonnes of greenhouse gasses avoided


tonnes of waste and soil landfill avoided


hectares of land recovered


providing advanced knowledge for decision-making (publications, viewfinders, methodologies, technical guides, etc.)

Supporting environmental planning for sustainability
Approved in October
Approved in October
Approved in November
Approved in December

A public-private alliance set up in 2011 to enable collaboration between large businesses and the Basque Government. Its goals are to develop innovative circular economy projects and to generate and transfer knowledge to Basque industry, with Ihobe acting as Technical Secretariat.

Members of the Basque Ecodesign Center:


Basque companies





We run the Basque Centre for Advanced Circular Economy Services, which is the result of a public-private collaboration involving the Basque Government, Bilbao City Hall, the University of Deusto, the University of the Basque Country, Mondragon University, the Euskadi-Tknika Centre for Applied Research in Vocational Training, and the Novia Salcedo Foundation.

The Basque Circular Hub has brought practical business training to:

young people

We run the Basque network of environmental education centres. It has four headquarters: two in Bizkaia (Ekoetxea Urdaibai and Ekoetxea Meatzaldea-Peñas Negras) and two in Gipuzkoa (Ekoetxea Txingudi and Ekoetxea Azpeitia).

In 2021, the Ekoetxea centres welcomed:

+ 0

The Basque network of sustainable municipalities, of which Ihobe is the Technical Secretariat, is a 20-year-old network comprising municipalities and public administrations that provides a platform for coordinating the sustainability policies of Basque local authorities from a comprehensive perspective.

In 2021, Udalsarea 2030 involved:

Basque municipalities
Ihobe and the Basque Energy Agency (EVE) are the organisers of ASTEKLIMA, the Basque Climate and Energy Week. Its second edition from 24th September to 3rd October 2021 reached out to all corners of the Basque Country:
+ 0



local organisations




The Basque Urban Waste Coordination Body (OCRU), for which Ihobe coordinates the Technical Secretariat, is in charge of coordinating activities for European Week for Waste Reduction in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country.

During the 2021 edition,
European Week for Waste Reduction in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country supported:


Ihobe milestones

Premio Prioritze
Green publicprocurement and recruitment in the Basque Government.
has greened 46% of purchases from 38 organisations and has won global praise.

Ihobe International

We help position the Basque Country and the Basque Government as sustainability leaders
via the exchange of knowledge and good practice, political representation and engagement, and the creation of new global alliances.


The Basque Country holds the Presidency of Regions4, the global network of regional governments for sustainable development. Its diverse initiatives bring together more than 77 regions representing more than 300 million people to cooperate on climate change adaptation and biodiversity. The 2030 Agenda provides the routemap towards a sustainable and resilient future.

In 2021, Regions4…

European projects

The Urban Klima 2050 Integrated LIFE Project is set to be the biggest climate action project in the Basque Country in the coming years. With an investment of 19.8 million euros and the involvement of 20 member organisations, the project will take forward 40 specific actions for climate change adaptation and mitigation in the Basque Country, split into 5 areas.

  • In 2021, the project released seven implementation reports/tools/materials and organised three technical workshops, a public awareness-raising campaign and three international events to share the project progress, two of which coincided with COP26 in Glasgow.

Ihobe people

As an organisation, we are committed to transparency, good governance and equality between women and men.
40 women
14 men
0 %
with a higher education qualification
level of satisfaction with their jobs
at Ihobe
Arantxa Tapia Otaegi

Minister for Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment

Amaia Barredo Martín

Deputy Minister for Environmental Sustainability

Javier Agirre Orcajo
Director of Environmental Quality and the Circular Economy
Olga Martín García

CEO of Aclima

Alberto José Fernández González

Director of Technology and Innovation

Ane Etxenausia Aramburuzabala

Director of Tax Administration

José Antonio Armolea Solabarrieta

Director of Legal Advice at Ihobe

Alexander Boto Basteguieta

General Director of Ihobe

Alexander Boto Basteguieta
General Director of Ihobe
Ignacio Quintana

Strategy and Innovation

Jose Antonio Armolea

Legal Advice

Jaione Lanborena

General Secretariat

José María Fernández

Circular Economy

Mari Mar Alonso

Climate Action

Xabier González

Environmental sustainability

Marian Barquín López

You will always be part of Ihobe.

Ihobe and equality

We are recognised by Emakunde as a ‘Collaborating body for equality between women’
The network comprises organisations with this badge and which are voluntarily committed to promoting equality between women and men.
Some results from the 3rd Equality Plan:

The entire workforce trained in an empowerment workshop and another workshop on the feminist economy of care.

Collaboration with local bodies to promote the employability of women who have difficulties accessing the job market.
Review of hiring procedures to correct and include equality clauses.
The International Change the Change Conference included talks on female leadership and took a gender perspective on climate change.
We are currently preparing our 4th Equality Plan.

Ihobe and social responsibility

We promote the development of the organisations in our social environment

We take an active role in activities where we can fulfil a social role that aligns with our abilities and values and supports our strategy. We support measures that contribute to environmental sustainability. Above all, we value cooperation, integration and education.

Main milestones in 2021

New version of the procurement procedure enables direct hiring from social enterprises.

Donation of 50 computers to ten NGOs via a participative process.

0 %

Around 15% of new hires from social enterprises, which is above the 5% established by the Basque Government.

+€ 0

billed by social enterprises and special job centres.

6 social enterprises and special job centres hired.

Review of template documents to ensure social clauses are effective.


0 M

budget in

0 %

budget execution in 2021

100 %


0 days

on average to pay invoices to suppliers in 2021

More about Ihobe


This public agency undertakes ongoing cooperation with other organisations and fosters a spirit of collaboration around environmental policy which has widespread benefits for all of Basque society.

Ihobe works closely with the following bodies:


In 2021,
Ihobe’s suppliers wanted more knowledge on clean technologies, climate change adaptation and green procurement.
Ihobe organises the annual Ihobe Supplier Forum to disseminate its lines of work and its recruitment plan. The forum supports the strategic needs for knowledge or support in this subsector, both in Ihobe and for socio-economic agents across the Basque Country. The needs of the participating companies are recorded through the forum.

Ihobe and environmental communication

At Ihobe, we believe that quality environmental communication is key to making society more sustainable. In 2021, we continued to promote the Environmental Journalism in the Basque Country Award and the Environmental Communication School, and we launched the En verde-Berdean podcast on sustainability and the environment.

Environmental Communication School

We have a collaboration agreement with the Association of Environmental Journalists (APIA). This led to the creation, among other initiatives, of the Environmental Communication School comprising summer courses at the University of the Basque Country to address two key concerns: communication and the environment.

The third edition of the Environmental Communication School, held on 8th and 9th September 2021, looked at the energy and climate transition in the context of a critical period of social and economic transformation that includes the environment.

Environmental Journalism Award

We work with the Basque Association and College of Journalists (CVP-AVP). Since 2019, it has promoted the Environmental Journalism in the Basque Country Award that recognises journalists working on sustainable development, climate change and natural environment conservation, among other matters.

The 2021 winner was Eva Caballero, journalist and director for the ‘La Mecánica del Caracol’ programme on Radio Euskadi. An experienced journalist, she conducts her work with rigour and responsibility.

Podcast chanel

In 2021 we launched En verde-Berdean, a podcast by Ihobe on sustainability and the environment led by the journalist Begoña Beristain. The podcast gives a platform to people and organisations working towards a more sustainable lifestyle model. It discusses their experiences and projects linked to the natural environment and environmental challenges in the Basque Country.
In the first episode, we heard from the writer and naturalist Gabi Martínez. In the second, we were joined by Lexeia Larrañaga and Alex Gutiérrez, Director and Producer, respectively, of Avis Producciones. In the third, we heard from Adriana Uribesalgo, Creative Director and co-founder of Ekmodo. In the fourth, Izaskun Suberbiola took us into the Mater ecoactive museum. In the fifth, the writer, scientific communicator and environmental expert Andreu Escrivà discussed some keys to halting climate change. And in the last episode of 2021, Alexander Boto, General Director of Ihobe, looked at the past, present and future environmental challenges in the Basque Country.
‘The Basque Green Deal: integrating the environment into sectoral policies’

The crisis caused by the pandemic highlighted the close relationships between health, the economy and the environment. A view endorsed by the scientific community. Y esto es algo que también refrenda la comunidad científica.

Integrar el medio ambiente en las políticas sectoriales es fundamental para abordar los grandes retos a los que nos enfrentamos como sociedad; retos de una magnitud y urgencia sin precedentes y que trascienden nuestras fronteras: la crisis climática, el cambio de paradigma hacia un modelo circular y la sostenibilidad, en sentido amplio, son los grandes desafíos globales. Nuestro Pacto Verde de Euskadi.

Estas son también las tres líneas de actuación prioritarias en torno a las que trabajamos en la sociedad pública Ihobe. Os animo a conocer los principales resultados alcanzados en 2021.

Arantxa Tapia Otaegi
President of Ihobe
‘We are taking steps to improve our environment’

Este 2021 ha sido un primer año de legislatura intenso, con grandes retos y logros para nuestra sociedad pública. A lo largo de esta memoria anual destacamos los principales resultados.

Pero los logros los alcanzan las personas; las personas que componemos un equipo: el equipo Ihobe. Y que, a la vez, sumamos al equipo del Departamento de Desarrollo Económico, Sostenibilidad y Medio Ambiente del Gobierno Vasco.

Como reto para 2022, nos centraremos en aquellos ámbitos que produzcan mayores beneficios ambientales, mejoren la competitividad de nuestras empresas y nos fortalezcan como territorio avanzado y resiliente.
Avanzamos hacia la mejora de nuestro medio ambiente, la mejora de nuestro País.

Alexander Boto Bastegieta
General Manager of Ihobe